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Questions & Answers (Members and non-members)

Are the ads verified?

Montreal Erotic Services has progressively built its reputation for being a reliable and uptodate adult listing directory based on positive feedback received from our visitors and long established advertisers, Ads and articles posted on Montreal Erotic Services are validated and verified by our staff, this applies to all Independent service providers as well as our Blog entries, please read our “Montreal Authentic and Genuine adult service providers” entry, meanwhile, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the models or information listed under Massage salons ads, simply for the fact that these establishments tend to hire on seasonal basis or rarely maintain the same staff for an established period of time.

We do our best to provide our visitors with the tranquility of browsing through our site knowing the advertisers are valid and authentic while maintaining a credible and decent quality of content throughout the site, in other words, what you see is what you get, additionally, all photos and videos labeled with Montreal Erotica‘s logo  are 100% genuine and authentic.
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I met one of the independent service providers advertised on your site and they looked nothing like in their photos.
Although this is not bound to happen, we invite you to flag the advertiser by contacting us directly, we will take action and arbitrate the final decision in a fair manner.

I registered on your site and contacted one of your advertisers but no response.
This is completely out of our scope and remains at the discretion of the advertisers, meanwhile, in most cases, some criteria are mentioned and highlighted in their ads, for instance:
“Status Alert” indicates the availability of the advertiser when updated accordingly
“Travel Notice” indicates the travel destination of the advertiser
Notes and Instructions” indicates their criteria and what is tolerated on their behalf
Hence reading the profile of the advertisers is strongly recommended to avoid any misunderstandings during the communication exchange prior to contacting them unless you were looking for further clarifications.

Nevertheless, if we receive enough flags of “Missing in Action” or “False advertising” intended for the same advertiser, we will contact them and proceed accordingly.

We are a couple and we were declined by one of your advertisers listed as available for couples.
Again, this is out of our scope and remains at the advertiser’s discretion, while an advertiser lists themselves as available for Males and Couples, they are not necessarily bisexual, or they cater to younger or preferably to mature (elder) couples. We strongly recommend reading their profiles fully prior to engaging or contacting the advertisers to avoid confusion or misunderstandings

How does advertising work on Montreal Erotic Services?
Advertising can be either “Banners”, “Articles” or “Links”. Please visit the Advertise page or contact us to establish your needs and criteria.
Banners exchange are available on a per case basis and subject to approval.

What are the payment options?
Offline (local residents only) and online payments options are available.
Please take note that all payment currencies are based on Canadian dollar value (CAD).

Offline payments can be made and arranged while available only to local and established service providers, contact us to find out more.

No Reviews or Ratings?
When we first launched Montreal Erotic Services, we established a basic rating and review system, needless to say that Ratings and Reviews have been removed from our site, why?

We opted not to include user Ratings and Reviews on our website for the simple fact that every encounter is different and unique in it’s kind and should remain private, at least in our opinion.

Why can’t I contact an advertiser?
Some advertisers opt out from displaying their contact info (Phone, Email, etc.) in public, therefore, you can contact the advertiser using the embedded Contact form located on the right side of the ad, some require of you to register (registration is free) in order to become a member and to contact the advertiser.

Is this free?
Ad listings are not free, yet registration is free in order to become a member allowing you to interact, post an ad, contact the publisher (when the email is not published). Should you choose to post an ad, the fees (when applicable) will be displayed pending on the category of choice.

Why do I not see my comment or reviews?

Chances are:

  • The comment/review was not relevant nor suitable to the content of our website based on our service terms and guidelines.
  • The comment/review has been flagged/reported as inappropriate or contained profanity and hatery content.
  • The comment/review contained advertising of content not relative to our website or affiliated sites.

Should you believe that revoking/blocking your comment/review was a misunderstanding, contact us for clarifications and we’ll be happy to reconsider your comment/review. Keep in mind that as much as we respect each individual’s opinion, this website bases itself on fair/honest and constructive reviews and opinions towards the service providers and business owners for the masses to grasp a genuine experience being shared online.


Service providers and Advertisers

Posting Ads and Advertising on Montreal Erotic Services

Montreal Erotic Services is a premium adult directory allowing you to create and manage your profile autonomously, we guarantee you a self-hosted 99.9% server up-time and impeccable service on a 24/7 support basis while catering to all your online advertising and promotional needs.

Once you register for free, you can create your ad within minutes while filling it up accordingly and at your discretion, our staff will review your ad in a timely matter making sure it meets our terms and guidelines, this process is necessary in order to help reduce or eliminate bogus and fake advertising.

Once your ad is approved, it will be published automatically. Featured and qualified ads get pushed through Montreal Erotica’s Twitter page along with other Social media platforms.

Montreal Erotic Services is an extension to other websites affiliated to Montreal Erotica in different fields and niches, cross-site advertising is a key feature that will be implemented progressively throughout all affiliated websites allowing existing service providers to advertise in extended cross-site mode, more details are available internally to existing subscribers and active advertisers.

I submitted an ad and I’m not seeing it on the site yet?
All ads are subject to validation prior to approval in order to help eliminate and filter out bogus and fake ads, an email confirmation will be sent advising if the ad was approved or declined, (Verify your Junk mail folder just in case)

Meanwhile, you need to allocate up to 72 business hours (Monday to Friday) for your ad to be activated, prior to activation, your ad is reviewed to make sure it meets our posting guidelines, your ad will then be activated and pending on the Membership type you opted for, the countdown starts from the payment date once our system confirms payment reception, at this point, an automated email notification will be sent out letting you know that your ad is currently up and running on our website, you can also view the status of your ad by logging in and clicking on “My account” located at the top right corner of the website and heading to “My Options”.


Live = indicates that your ad is currently active and displayed on the website.
Offline = This status indicates that your ad is no longer visible on our website.
Awaiting approval = Your ad has been submitted and in pending mode while our staff review the content and payment status.

I placed my ad on Friday afternoon and I need it to be activated right away.
Should this be your case, contact us directly.

Can I set my ad to private mode?
The profile settings are by default set to public view, although, you can request to have your profile private and visible only to subscribed members on our site, meanwhile, from the search engine perspective, your ad will not be indexed and therefore your ad will not appear in the public search results. This is a personal choice and at your discretion.

Email privacy: You can opt NOT to display your email on your profile, which is recommended, in that case, only registered members can contact you using the Contact form tab on your ad’s page.

We’re working on getting a private setup on certain features of the site should it be beneficial or required in some cases, although for the time being, we don’t see the necessity nor the advantage of setting any section of our website to private or privileged access.

I need help with my images and banners

If your situation is one of the following:

  • I need my images to be retouched (ex.: hide/blur the face, cropping, add text, etc)
  • I have a website but no banners
  • I need to add a video to my ad
  • I need to add additional images to my ad
  • I need a new photo set to be taken by a photographer
  • I need a video introduction to be produced for my ad

Contact us and provide as much details as required, pending on your request, we can assist you based on applicable fees pending on the work involved.

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