Fetish massage kink light BDSM sensual and erotic domination

Erotic Massage


BDSM massage, Fetish massage or Kinky erotic massage are often misunderstood in general given the term BDSM involved, while many tend to think of it as a sadistic hard massage, it can be anticipated as such with a lighter playful twist, similar to Dark Tantra, depending on the level of experience and comfort from both parties, the masseuse and the recipient.

BDSM massage evolves around many playful activities that aim to stimulate the mind and the senses, among them: Light sensual domination, blindfolds, kink play, …Read more »

Tantra Massage in Montreal

Erotic Massage

Tantra Massage Montreal Tantric masseuse

Tantra or Tantric Massage is the other dimension of your typical “erotic massage” and beyond just a “prostate massage“, from “Lingam” massage, which represents the Male genital receiving extensive attention, to Dark Tantra combining light sensual BDSM and Fetish. …Read more »

Nuru massage in Montreal

Erotic Massage

Nuru Massage

What is Nuru massage?
Nuru Massage is an erotic Japanese-style full nude body-to-body sensual massage that is performed between two fully naked individuals with a unique type of massage gel called Nuru Gel. Before the Massage begins, the masseuse pours generous amounts of the special, transparent, tasteless, slippery gel all over the body of the massage recipient. The masseuse slides her body along the other body, …Read more »

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