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Montreal Erotica’s official adult modeling casting call photoshoot and video-shoots* aiming for promotional and showcase purposes to be displayed and featured on Erotic nude art videos 

*Videos will consist of mini clips (1-3 minutes average) pending on the chosen theme and candidate and will be dedicated strictly for promotional purposes and not for commercial or resale.

Visit to get an idea of the thematic and content we are aiming for.

Criteria: We are looking for open-minded and confident candidates/models, expressive, sensual, finesse, at ease with the Erotic/Adult aspect, performing artist (Experience is preferred but not required.), upbeat, edgy, fierce and passionate.

Gender: Females

Thematic and concept: Alternative - Boudoir – Erotica - Fetish – Glam – Nude art performance – Pinup

Wardrobe requirements: In some cases, a specific look will be required based on the associated theme, pending on your measurements, we will accommodate the outfits and related material.

Physical attributes: Proportional, Fit, Sex appeal

Age requirement: 18+ (Proof of ID required)

Nudity: Semi nude shoots may be involved pending on the theme/concept.

Compensation: Unpaid – TFT (Trade for Time) videos will be featured on

Location: Determined by the chosen theme

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