Tantric Massage ~ Tantric Coaching – Tantric Courtesan

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Tantric Massage ~ Tantric Coaching – Tantric Courtesan
  • Name: Cathryn Marvelle
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual orientation: Open Minded
  • Sexual preferences: Adaptive
  • Available to: Couples,Females,Males
  • Services: Massage,Escort
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Location availability: Incall,Outcall
  • City: Montreal
  • Region: Old Port Montreal
  • Metro station: Square-Victoria
  • Province State: Quebec
  • Country: Canada
  • Languages spoken: English,French
  • Age range: 46-50
  • Nationality: French Canadian
  • Body type: Athletic,Proportional,Toned
  • Body attributes: Busty
  • Height: 5 Feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 120-130 lbs
  • Bra size: 34DD
  • Waist: 27 in 68 cm
  • Tattoos: Upper body
  • Piercings: Ears
  • Smoker: No
  • Payment options: Cash
  • Contact preference: Call me,Email me,No blocked numbers,Text me
  • Email: catmarvelle@yahoo.com
  • Contact Number: 438-794-0845


Come and escape from the everyday hustle where you can be yourself and let yourself go and surrender to the capable hands of a loving, and seductive Tantrika.  Welcome to my Lotusland of the ecstatic!~ I am Cathryn Marvelle, a charming, appealing and well-maintained mature lady, highly versed in the arts of Tantric sensuality inviting you for a sensuous respite that will be sure to marvel you until your heart and palate delight!~

Well diversified, bohemian in nature with femininity and finesse, I am genuine, compassionate, down to earth and congenially spirited!  I have experience and professional training in psychology, erotic bodywork, various paths of Tantra, earth/ecstatic/belly dance and an orientation in shamanic energies and spirituality. I am a Certified Tantric Practitioner. I am ongoingly furthering my skills, arts and studies in all mystical realm of Tantra; as well as seeking wisdom in divinity.

I am presently hosting in a unique and beautiful loft close to downtown, in Old Montreal just a short walk away from Square Victoria. It is discreet, and private.

I first greet you wearing a light dress or sarong. During the massage session I am unattired. Massage is performed in a sacred space on a shiatsu futon in an appeasing erotic-zen ambiance with enchanting light exotic music playing, surrounded with filtered lights, pillows and candles.

I lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer to cater to a fewer select clientele so that I can maintain this balance while I continue to enhance my Tantra practice, studies and sanctuary, and provide quality service. I take great care and time in preparing before a session. My offerings are of high value and with exquisite care and attention.

Some of my hobbies and interests involve: Meditation, working out, yoga, dance, world issues, nature, fun and soulful conversations and horse riding.

My roots are pure French Canadian with a touch of Native. I am originally Franco-Ontarian. I understand and speak French but unfortunately due to limited exposure over time my conversational skills in this language have lacked some ease but I am very open to speak to you in French, if you prefer, providing you are a little patient with me!

It is my delight to hear from you!

Love Light and Pure Pleasure, Cathryn Marvelle

Touring cities - Destinations - Fly me to you

Montreal and surrounding areas, Quebec city, Ontario, Toronto, Calgary, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Europe, Australia,

Special skills

Tantric Massage - Tantric Courtesan for men ladies and couples

Tantra is not like any other type of sensual experience. it is a highly erotic-ritual worship. A heightened full body experience that encompasses mind, body spirit and heart, where you will be touched with honor, respect and feel a true human contact.

Tantric bodywork involves conscious sensual touch and breathing techniques that help you build your sexual energy and open your orgasmic capacity to the max. These breathing techniques are encouraged but you do not have to worry if the breathing is done properly or not.
The session is about enjoying and sharing a journey together by going deeper within ourselves away from all stress of life! The more you surrender the more you will benefit from this wonderful experience.
The massage you will receive will be a mix of sensuous delicacies, nuances, swedish/esalen techniques and various bio-energetic modalities. Our bodies will be entwined together into a mystical style. Ying-yang harmonizing arts are integrated into the session and in an attentive, loving and pleasurable manner you will be indulged by my exquisite touch, maneuvers and “masteries”. 
Our sessions always catered to your own needs and desires, we may begin with a sensual ritual, eye gazing and a breathing ceremony. You will first be taken with care, appreciation and light playfulness to a state of rest and calmness. Gradually and unhurriedly an elated energy will take birth bringing you to a full awakening of the senses and kundalini (sexual energy force). Riding you on waves of pure bliss and erotic joy, circulating the arousal and orgasmic energy, this experience will take you to new ecstatic body heights!

Tantra is mindful erotica. It is a great path for the hedonist, sensualist, the spiritualist, and for the rest of those who wish to experience something different or more profound.

Every union is a blessing, a mystery and a discovery...It is a regale of the senses...

For days after you will feel serene, mesmerized and re-vitalized in a heightened and wonderful way!~

Fees and Rates

*Longer sessions are always appreciated, and encouraged as it allows calmness, trust, altered state and a unison to develop naturally and reach a certain depth.
Pure bliss and a true Tantra experience requires time to be embraced and savored and should not be rushed.
Your body is also sensual instrument and canvas...the more time we have... the more you will be indulged!
Fees are for my healing energies, knowledge and company time only

Tantric Massage
Ladies and Couples come and discover your inner sensuality!
2 hrs / 360
3 hrs / 560
4 hrs / 760
Sensual opening ritual, Tantric Massage, Blissful Body work
Couples add $200

Tantric Courtesan
800 / 2 hrs
950 / 2.5 hrs
1100 / 3 hrs
Couples add $100

Tantric Massage is immersed in the session and in the latter part to a mutually erotic congress. If you prefer more of an escort style encounter I am open to either. Whichever you fancy you will be enthralled by a gifted and very present lady. Please specify your intention when booking.

Some of my expertise: couples session, Learn how to harness and expand sexual energy, to be fully present, the arts of love: kissing, conscious touch and insights on intimacy in this modern world and more...

All sessions may be customized to your desires and needs while maintaining healthy boundaries.

 If the level of kindness, depthness and maturity for such union is not something you can relate to, then a tantric experience is most likely not suited for you, therefore I’m probably not the type of encounter you are looking for.


New toys
Spa and clothing gift certificates
would love lingerie and latex wear

Schedule availability

Min.24hrs to 48hrs advanced reservations are always preferred. For same day appointments always best to contact me the earliest possible in the day. But there are days I may be available within a few hours or so therefore do not hesitate to text me or to call!

Any other dates please contact me!

An earlier or later time may be arranged by special request. Granted at my discretion as I am also presently pursuing other goals.

Notes and Instructions

My Tantric Massage video is only a tiny appetizer to the full experience! Over the years I have developed my own signature interlacing all my teachings, experience, gifts and talent.
The Tantric Bliss video is a clip from a few years ago. My expressions and sensations were captured in true moments of Waves of Orgasmic Energy moving from my Gspot up through my chakras and circulating through my body! It is purely sensual and erotically glorious! There will be more complimentary videos to follow.
If our session is extended please be prepared to cover the additional fees  accordingly.
I try to tend to my emails the same day but there are times it may take up to 48 hours depending on when you intend to make an appointment.
Please do not write or call just asking you would like to know more about my services. If you have a specific question I would be happy to assist you.
A phone rv is most often requested before we first meet.
I will only reply to messages that instill my trust and confidence. If I feel we may not be compatible or my comfort level may be compromised I reserve the right to refuse or cancel an appointment. Please respect my decision. I also reserve the right to terminate a session if the level of respect is inconsistent without a refund.  I do not accept any provocative, arrogance or macho vibes or conduct in any of my sessions.

Please no reviews. I keep my sharing and sessions very private and expect the same respect. Privacy and confidentiality assured.

What I like

Kindness, meticulous intimate/personal hygiene, fresh breath,self awareness, authentic and depth.

What I dislike


poor oral and intimate hygiene


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Cathryn Marvelle

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